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Seedling of the city









Abandoned on the summit of the Cingulum mountain or Circe to m.631 s.l.m. for his panoramic position on the territory marchigiano Cingoli he is denominated "Balcony of the Marche". You city is almost all surrounded by boundaries and the historical center it is notable both for the stradines and alleys where he breathes a medieval air, both for the noble buildings. To Cingoli 89 not only exist between Churches and chapels in the historical center but also crossing the streets of the surrounding territory. And they won't pass unnoticed the numerous newspaper kiosk erected by the popular pity in sign of devotion to the Madonna and the Saints.

What to visit

Pinacoteca Stefanucci e Museo Comunale
Via Mazzini , 10 tel. 0733 602877 it visits on appointment.

In 1985 he was entitled to Donatello Stefanucci in virtue of the numerous works in it you preserve. It picks up works ancient and modern fruit of legacies and donations. The church of S.Domenico entertains a monumental "Madonna of the Rosary and Saints" performed by Lorenzo Lotto in 1539. Notable also the works of Lorenzo Salimbeni.


National archaeological museum
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 5 tel. 0733 603399

lun. mart. merc. 8.30 13.00
giov. ven. sab. dom. 15.00 19.00

To the ground floor of the building of the Commune the museum istitutito can be visited in 1973. In the museum, besides the material epigrafico, numerous finds of predominantly prehistoric interest are found.

Pinacoteca Comunale "Stefanucci"
Via Mazzini, 10 - ex Seminario vescovile Tel. 0733 602877 (biblioteca)

Museum Castiglioni Garibaldi, 87 tel. 0733 602531

Had been opening to the alone public for few years from the marquises Castiglioni, the erect building at the end of 1760, it is an example of House-museum that preserves you furnish him of epoch. And' possible to visit the room of the music with the ceiling formed by nine domes, the library where picked only a least part of the volumes is collected by the Pontiff.

Museum of sidecar
loc. Valcarecce tel. 0733 602651

Of deprived ownership the collection is composed from 100 pieces that go from the end of the last century to our days. There are carriages built for the carriage of goods, run motocarrozzette, sidecar belonged to famous characters or in important film and the longest sidecar of the world, that more breadth and the smallest.

Collegiata di S.Esuperanzio

The majesty of the structure of the Romanesque structure ago from contour to the relics of the body of the Saint, Bishop of Cingoli. Frescos of the can be admired' 400 and' 500 and a crucifix wooden last sample of a series of seven sacred representations. To admire the the beautiful portal in Romanesque style (sec. XIII). In the church the Flagellazione of Sebastiano del Piombo can be admired. On the right side of the building the ancient cloister is set held up by cylindrical pillars and raced by a loggia.


Cathedral S.Maria Assunta

In the historical center we find the Cathedral devoted Maria Assunta to Saint, where, really in the party of August 15, you can be admired the famous one "gold Rosa" gift of Pio Pope VIII, native of Cingoli. The façade is dressed again for half in stone, the rest had not put in laying for lack of funds. The plant is to unique aisle with three polygonal apses. To the inside they are contained works of Fanelli and Donatello Stefanucci.

Church of San Domenico

On the square Mestica leans out the Church of san Domenico. To the inside it is preserved the Shovel of Lorenzo Lotto "Madonna of the Rosary and Saints". Her first news on the building goes up again to 1325.

Church of San Girolamo

The Church was built for wanting some cingolano Esuperanzio Lambertazzi, bishop of Comacchio. The inside suffered a radical intervention of restauration in 1678 for interest of the rector of the time the reverend mazzini that made to affix its coat of arms on the restructured wall. Currently the building, deprived of his you furnish inside it is center of temporary shows.


Sanctuary of S. Sperandia

Compatrona of Cingoli is a visitor mandatory where you can be prayed in front of the intact body of the Saint preserved at sight in a reliquary. Numerous they are the miracles attributed to the Saint, among the most famous "the miracle of the cherries" represented in the cloth of the Fanelli in the oval in the presbytery. From the sanctuary it is possible to reach the caves where the Saint has spent one period of penitence and prayer.

Hermitage of San Bonfilio

Suggestive it is the hermitage, third compatrono of Cingoli, absorbed in the wood from where you can be admired the legendary one "ramped" left by the devil when the Saint has sent away him from the city. The relics of the body of the Saint are preserved in the Church of St. Benedict.

Hermitage of Sant'Angelo
near to Rio Laque

Mystical the hermitage of Sant'Angelo where legends, imaginations, mysteries and documented facts are woven on Riders, Ospitalieri or Hospital, Brotherhoods, religions and brigands. The hermitage is destination of pilgrimages of believers for the application of protection from pestilences and natural calmità. In the place they are present of the testimony registrations of thanks received.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Center and point of departure for the visit of this splendid city where the town Building and the Cathedral are risen.




The garden of the living stones

Constituted to Cingoli through a convention among the family Calamante and the Commune, it is situated in a green area devoted near the city center. The teachers Petromilli, Dionisi, Rocchetti, Gasparucci and, for 2006, Ippoliti, are the artists that have produced the various works furnishing with their art assistant value to the stone.


Door Piana

And' is raised in honor of Pio VIII on project of Ireneo Olean